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Pod Mount" Hood Mount Truck Safety Mirror

MSRP: $88.16
Price: $62.33
You Save: $25.83 (29 %)
Item Number: SUR875
Manufacturer: SurePlus Mirrors
Manufacturer Part No: 875

Unlike any other surface or hood mount mirror available, the new "POD MOUNT" eliminates the potential danger and inconvenience of having to raise the hood to adjust the angle of arm orientation. Simply remove one set-screw on the pod cover and make all your adjustments with the hood down, where it normally rests... where you can see the mirror's view angle rather than the old "set & guess" methods you must use with the others!

Best of all, "POD MOUNT" is mountable at any angle, which allows vision and blind spot elimination in front of the cab and down the side preventing front end and lane change accidents